Arsene Wenger confirms break from football

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Arsene Wenger has said that he plans to take a break before deciding what his next career move will be.

The Frenchman will leave Arsenal at the end of the season but has not decided whether he will retire or take another job in football.

“Once I’ve finished honestly I don’t know,” Wenger told Sky Sports.

“I am confused a little bit at the moment and I have decided to take a little distance for four or five weeks before I make a decision.

“I need to move away a little bit to take perspective on my situation and analyse it in the most objective way possible, even if it is not easy.

“I will then decide where I go from there.”

The Gunners travel to Manchester United on Sunday afternoon, ahead of their Europa League semi-final second leg against Atletico Madrid next Thursday.

Cover Photo: Arsene Wenger by Ronnie MacDonald used under license by CC BY 2.0.

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